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The worlds only female trainer





Introducing Kezia


Introducing Kezia

Kezia is 25-year-old native Londoner who must have heard every pick up line in and out of the book. None would work unless there was a connection made.

Introduced to Gamblers techniques in September 2006 she began to attend the PUA training Bootcampsa true skeptic at first. But when she witnessed the transformation of students, some unable to even hold eye contact with a woman to, by the evening, maintaining conversations with up to 5 woman at once and getting their phone numbers too, she was convinced that this method could work, and the responses from the students weeks later were all positive.

Kezia became more active in the training sessions, as not only an HB helper but also to give feedback and the vital womans point of view and now regularly attends the sessions in order to lend her female intuition and advice.

I enjoy helping and watching the men start off shy and unable to talk well to woman to becoming more confident and intoned by the end of the 2 day session".


Training Style

With the kind of looks that mean she gets approached any time she goes out, she has become so savvy that she can instantly identify what a man needs to do to become more attractive. Has a woman ever given you this feedback before?

Do you know what first impression you make? Do you know how your conversation skills effect a woman? Do you know what they think of your body language? These are the unique skills that Kezia offers.

Some points that Kezia teaches

Some points that Kezia teaches


Conversational skills

Many of my students ask me to show them how they can avoid uncomfortable silences, dead ends and boring chit chat conversations that lead no where. This is one of the most common problems experienced, especially in those difficult early stages of the interaction. Guys often feel they literally run out of things to say after the initial opener, they are constantly anticipating this moment and as a result their approach anxiety gets worse.

 I teach my students a system called the 9 hook leads which shows them an effective way to talk to woman, and can even create some amazing results with even the most difficult and unresponsive of ladies. I have taught this method to nearly 400 of my students, who are now able to tackle this common sticking point, and they now no longer anticipate that moment where they run out of things to say, and in turn, this newly found skill helps them get rid of their approach anxiety. This system is by far the most popular and requested technique


Body language

I teach my students the art of attractive body language. Even if you are a great conversationalist and have a great image, it is meaningless if your body is out of sync with that great conversation and great image you have spent so log perfecting. Body language if done correctly, creates confidence, comfort and attraction. There are 6 points of body language that I show my students, I show them how to strengthen each of these points step by step. The six points also include hands, vocal tone and eye contact. Some of my students are amazed at how unaware they were of their body language and how crucial it is to get it right in order to build attraction



My students often ask me how they can get out of the dreaded lets just be friends zone, often it is simply because they are unsure of how to escalate the interaction in to one of a more seductive nature. This is a lot easier done than it seems, and once you know how to do it and of course when to do it, you will become more and more at ease in escalating the interaction, rather than avoiding it. Woman often like a guy, but because he was too afraid to show her how he felt or make a move, she presumes he is not interested in her that way, and because of this he literally misses the moment. Men are unaware of how common this actually is. The students I have had who have used the seduction techniques I give them have found their success rate rise significantly. It sounds obvious, but the more women you try to kiss, the more chance you will have. Saying that, there is the wrong way to do it and of course the right way



I teach a wide range of openers, and the material I give students is always fresh, meaning I will not be teaching any openers that have been used in the community for too long. The openers I share with my students range from opinion openers, story telling, humorous, situational observations and direct approach, but as my student advances in his game, I prefer for him to start getting away from canned material and work more on natural openers instead



I give a truthful, no stone left unturned insight in to the female mind, and in this section often my students are very surprised to hear some fairly shocking facts


Bitch shields

Bitch shields are often known as shit tests, where by woman test the guys who approach them to see if they are confident/strong enough to be with them. Its a bit of a power trip for the girl, and because more woman are getting chatted up badly, the more they get sick of men approaching them and wasting their time, this in turn can making their defence shields come up as soon as the guy even says hi

 There are methods and systems however, that can break down those shields, and often the girl who comes across as a bitch at first can surprisingly turn out to be great fun and actually a really warm person. Learning to destroy bitch shields are useful for two reasons, the first reason being, that if you wanted to approach a group of woman, there might be one there who gives you grief, even if she is not the one you are interested in, it is important you know how to use the techniques that will soften her, and melt the icy exterior she is using as a barrier to stop you entering the group. The other woman will be more drawn to you when they witness this. The second reason why I think its useful for my students to learn these techniques, is to prepare them for the worst case scenario, if they know how to deal with the worst case situations, they will be even more empowered and this in turn helps get rid of their approach anxiety


Getting in to state

I teach  number of ways to get yourself in to the perfect state before approaching woman, the techniques are based on NLP and other tried and tested methods used by people who need to get in to certain frames of mind before embarking on any situation which needs confidence and strength, such as public speaking, performing etc.


Kezia teaches a number of techniques; skills and methods, which help men, increase their success rate significantly. All she asks from her students is to be prepared to step out of their comfort zone, stay focused, and of course practice.