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Kezia from London has finally started to cause media attention Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Kezia from London has finally started to cause media attention.thanks to her strong eclectic collection of songs sung in her unique voice in her debut album.songs such as such as Sell out Guilty Pleasure Dead as Disco and Fermez Les Yeux



All songs on the album Little Bird have been written and co-produced by herself.

The album will be available by Spring 2007 in stores around the UK, USA and Canada and also online on itunes, and

   She has already sold over 14000 single downloads on various download websites and the number is still growing.

  Her Videos which she directed and edited her self have also attracted over a million views on various video upload websites also with thanks to the magazine Much Music and the newspaper News Of The World and their article they did promoting Kezia as home grown talent with links to her videos.



Her style and voice has been likened to Madonna and her song writing abilities to a female George Michael.


Kezia says-


  "My music is original and although I am influenced by certain artists I do not ever copy them.

 I have worked on my album Little Bird for 2 years and a half, and I admit I am a real perfectionist..and if Im not 100 percent happy with a song I will scrap it!.Im determined that my album shall have NO album fillers at all! Something I personally can not stand, and its a shame that artists still rip their fans off by doing this.


Its hard to describe my album but if I had to then I would say yes it is pop,but I have not limited my self or obeyed any sort of rules.I have allowed freedom of movement for me to be creative in my music,which is why there are some really funky tracks on there such as So What? and the title track "Little Bird"  Then the album takes a 180 turn and you see there is more haunting tracks with a message such as Sugar- which is words of caution aimed at young girls wanting to be woman too fast, and Your Voice which is a story of bereavement and how the mind plays tricks when you have lost someone

. Then there are my more tongue in cheek songs such as Dead as Disco which make fun of me and people in mad situations in general.

Then you have my more seductive tracks, which lets say have more of a sexual flavour to them such as Guilty Pleasures and Heartbeat

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Each song is a reflection of how I was feeling at the time I wrote it or a feeling I went through once before. Some of my songs are written more about a mood I was in and some are just observations I make a long the way through my journey in life"



Kezias songs are available for individual download on